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Box of 50pc Disposable Mask

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Protect yourself from airborne particles!

Our dust mαsks cover the nose, mouth and chin, and the metallic strip moulds to the bridge of the nose helping prevent dust particles and allergens from entering the airways and causing potential harm.

With Metal Nose Strip To Ensure A Snug And Tight Fit

The mαsks are perfect for protecting against airborne particles, dust etc... they offer much more protection than standard disposable

Unlike the cheap blue surgical mαsks being sold, our ones are reusable and offer far greater protection against airborne particles however, we do not recommend using them for more than 48 hours to ensure the best for your safety.

Elasticated head strap for a universal tight fit around the mouth and nose.

Flexible metal strip ensures snug fit around the nose area and stops particles from entering through your nose


Color: White

Type: Over ears wearing

Material: high quality medical non woven fabric, etc.

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Brand Generic
Condition New
Warranty 30 Day Return Guarantee
Color White
Ships from Dubai
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